Scenic display
  • Mirror Lake

    Mirror Lake: it has an altitude of 4,030m It was the place where the princess of Muya had been dressing up As there was no mirror at that time,

  • About Peaks Barrier

    Peaks Barrier: it has an altitude of 4,360m When the kingdom Muya was founded, a grand ceremony was held there

  • Tent City

    Tent City: It has an altitude of 4,050m

  • Snow Ranch

    Snow Ranch has an altitude of 4,010 m It was the traditional place for winter grazing of Muya in those days

  • Ranti Temple

    Ranti Temple has an altitude of 4,120 m, is a renowned Tibetan Buddhism temple in Muya region

  • Flower Fields

    Flower Fields: It has an altitude of 3,900m This is the place where the wild flowers blossom in the most centralized way in the whole scenic spot,

  • Emiqu River Sightseeing Platform

    Emiqu River: with an altitude of 4,160m, the river is meandering

  • Mani Stones

    In Tibetan, Mani Stones are called as Duo Bang, meaning piled stones as altars

  • Himalaya Marmot

    Himalaya Marmot, whose scientific name is Marmota Himalayana and Tibetan name is Qi Wa, is also known as Groundhog and Snow Pig


"Muya holy love song" is located in the famous city Kangding, in Kangding Shanxi fold side ", is Ganzi Muya Xinkang" first with the combination of folk customs and natural scenery of the tourist attractions, is also the first to reflect the "Muya Tibetan culture" as the theme of the special tourism zone. Scenic area covers an area of 196 square kilometers...

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