• Mirror Lake

    Mirror Lake: it has an altitude of 4,030m It was the place where the princess of Muya had been dressing up As there was no mirror at that time,

  • About Peaks Barrier

    Peaks Barrier: it has an altitude of 4,360m When the kingdom Muya was founded, a grand ceremony was held there

  • Tent City

    Tent City: It has an altitude of 4,050m

  • Snow Ranch

    Snow Ranch has an altitude of 4,010 m It was the traditional place for winter grazing of Muya in those days

Emiqu River Sightseeing Platform
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Emiqu River: with an altitude of 4,160m, the river is meandering

Emiqu River: with an altitude of 4,160m, the river is meandering. In Chinese, Emiqu means milk. The grass is very thick along the river, so the yaks are strong and fat, and their milk is sweet. The local people also take drinking water from the river. The figure of the Buddha on the opposite side of the river is 500m high and 150m wide, composed of 40,000 pieces of prayer flags. It is the only Shakyamuni Buddha in the world that is composed of prayer flags. Born on Apr. 8, BC565 in Lumpini, Kapilavastu in ancient India (now Tilaurakot in south Nepal) and formerly known as Gautama Siddartha,  Shakyamuni (BC565-BC486) was the founder of Buddhism. Shakyamuni made the Buddha with prayer flags, meaning that the Buddha reads sutras every day here. The Buddha not only blesses and protects Muya and all living things here, but also lets the plants here flourish and make both men and livestock here flourish. The Buddha blesses people of all nationalities in China, wish the people to be happy, China to be rich and the world to be peaceful.  According to the local people, you will realize your dream once you have made a pious wish under the figure. The Lord Buddha will bless you. Good luck!

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