• Mirror Lake

    Mirror Lake: it has an altitude of 4,030m It was the place where the princess of Muya had been dressing up As there was no mirror at that time,

  • About Peaks Barrier

    Peaks Barrier: it has an altitude of 4,360m When the kingdom Muya was founded, a grand ceremony was held there

  • Tent City

    Tent City: It has an altitude of 4,050m

  • Snow Ranch

    Snow Ranch has an altitude of 4,010 m It was the traditional place for winter grazing of Muya in those days

Tent City
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Tent City: It has an altitude of 4,050m

Tent City:  It has an altitude of 4,050m.  The black tent is a traditional home form of Tibetan shepherds, and is also the living fossil for people to research Tibetan nomadic culture. The Tibetan nationality living in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau for generations engraves thoughts and wisdoms obtained from the exploration of the life during the long nomadism on the black tent. The black tent not only reflects the living characteristics of the Tibetan nationality, but also reflects the thoughts and cultural awareness of Tibetan shepherds, i.e. the harmony and integration of human and nature. The black tent in the Kangding Ranch is a window for you to experience and understand the Tibetan folk culture, and explore the Tibetan cultural concept, thinking mode and aesthetic taste. You can enjoy various cultural relics and ornaments integrating production, living, religion, culture, etc. of Muya Tibetan region in the black tent, appreciate the songs and dances with Tibetan characteristics, and taste the delicious and nutritious Tibetan meals. At the racecourse outside the black tent, you can enjoy the excellent traditional horse racing and equestrianism shows brought by brave and valiant Muya men, and, if you are interested, you can ride a horse to experience the bold spirit, optimism and generosity of the nationality on the horseback.

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