• Mirror Lake

    Mirror Lake: it has an altitude of 4,030m It was the place where the princess of Muya had been dressing up As there was no mirror at that time,

  • About Peaks Barrier

    Peaks Barrier: it has an altitude of 4,360m When the kingdom Muya was founded, a grand ceremony was held there

  • Tent City

    Tent City: It has an altitude of 4,050m

  • Snow Ranch

    Snow Ranch has an altitude of 4,010 m It was the traditional place for winter grazing of Muya in those days

  • Milk
    The milk is what yaks known as ‘Boat on the land of snow’ on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau produce
  • Tsampa
    Tsampa (Zanba) (ground up barley) is the main food for Tibetan people
  • Highland Barley Wine
    There are many varieties of highland barley wine The common highland barley wine is light yellow and tastes sour and sweet, known as ‘Tibetan-style beer’
  • Yak Yoghourt
    Yak yoghourt is the most popular special beverage in the City of Kangding County The yoghourt is fragrant and strong and tastes a bit sour
  • Yak Beef
    The yak is the unique semi-wild semi-primary rare animal that lives in extremely cold environment without any pollution on top of the earth,
  • Buttered Tea
    Major materials for buttered tea are butter and milk
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